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My current project is creating new maps for Fortnite using the UEFN Editor, which is a version of unreal specifically for creating content for Fortnite. I have two maps in development which are small battle arena maps set for 2-8 players. 

Prepare to descend into the depths of darkness with the Reaper's Crypt, the latest battleground to test your mettle in the world of Fortnite. This chilling new arena, designed for intense battles of 2-6 players, beckons warriors to brave its sinister corridors surrounded by looming crypt walls adorned with ominous glyphs and statues. 

Will you emerge victorious or join those who have perished before you? 

Step right up, if you dare, to the most spine-chilling battleground yet in the Carnival of Chaos! Within its twisted confines lies the infamous Creepy Clown Funhouse, a nightmarish chamber where the rules of reality bend and twist with every step. 

Prepare yourself for a harrowing experience unlike any other as you enter this macabre arena designed for intense battles of 2-8 players. Once inside, you'll find yourself surrounded by a cacophony of unsettling sights and sounds, from eerie carnival music to sinister laughter echoing through the halls. Will you band together with fellow teammates to conquer the darkness, or will you succumb to paranoia and madness in this demented funhouse of evil? 

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